Saturday, November 24, 2012

DIY Christmas Ornaments

Make DIY Christmas ornaments for your dog, or to give as dog gifts for Christmas. This is one of the simpler Christmas craft projects you can make at home that pet lovers will truly enjoy.

diy Christmas ornaments for Christmas gifts for dogs
DIY Christmas ornaments for dogs by Zero and Nadia's Doggie Bites

The instructions are posted here: DIY Christmas Dog Gifts. 

The ornaments are made from dough and then decorated. This has become a popular Christmas craft project that has many participating and trying out in the Facebook group Homemade Dog Treats.

The dog's name can be painted on the ornament. They are easily customized with various decorations.

Another interpretation is provided in this image of the diy Christmas ornaments for dogs:

diy Christmas ornaments for Christmas craft projects
DIY Christmas ornaments for dogs by the Pup-Cake Barkery

The following photo shows the dough ornaments prior to being painted, after being baked and dried out. 

DIY Christmas ornaments being readied for decorating
by Zelda's K-9 Treats & Things, LLC

You can make any shapes you like. You can even add cinnamon for a pleasing aroma. Dog lovers are always appreciative when the dog is remembered. Personalize this gift by painting the dog's name on the ornament and this original dog gift idea will definitely be remembered for many Christmases to come.

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Directions to make diy Christmas ornaments

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  1. Great idea! I love it. You should spread the word!