Saturday, December 21, 2013

Dangerous Dog Treats Exposed

Not all Christmas dog treats sold in the big box retail stores are safe for your pet. Our underdog mystery shopper was sniffing around in a large pet supplies chain to see what they were recommending to their customers in the way of dog treats and was appalled.

The inviting looking package is colorful and looks quite tasty on display. 

Dangerous dog treats masquerade as acceptable dog gift ideas

These are rawhide treats. But we are not going to expound on rawhide for pets. That is not the point of this post.
The manufacturer's instructions on the back of the package is what caught our underdog's attention:
Dangerous dog treats advertise their limitations

In case you cannot see the warnings, they are pointed out here...
The consumer is cautioned to: "Remove decorations before giving to your pet."
Furthermore, "Wash hands with soap and water after handling. This product may stain. Use in a stain resistant area."
We ask you: Do you want to give your dog or anyone else's beloved pet an edible product in which if you are lucky enough to catch the small print on the back, warns you NOT to eat it??
You are cautioned to SUPERVISE: "Recommended size is larger than your pet's mouth."  
Plus, you are advised to wash your hands with soap and water as it will stain. What about the pet's digestive system - does that stain red and green as well? Your carpets, couch, car - wherever your pet "enjoys" this treat - will remain decorated for Christmas saving you the effort in years to come!
Beware of dog treats like these. Make sure you know what you are giving to your pet.
Healthy dog treats will be decorated with healthy decorations that are meant to be eaten, like Fido's Frosting, which is designed specifically for dogs. It will not melt nor stain. It does not have to be removed before the dog enjoys the treat.
If the frosting is melting in the package, it is probably full of sugar and fat.

Be savvy and keep your pets safe.


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  1. Hi There,
    I work in the pet industry and hopefully I can help explain the warnings on the back. As far as removing decoration, some treats are wrapped in a decorative bow or ribbon for sale. It doesn't refer to the frosting itself. As far as the stain warning goes, its states that it MAY stain, not that it definitely will. Its a legal protection against frivolous law suits for a dirty carpet. As far as supervising your pet and giving the pet small amounts, it is always a good idea to observe your dog when giving them treats, especially treats that are new to your dog. In terms of the dogs treats being healthy, they are designed to be a treat, not a replacement for food. You wouldn't feed your child Christmas cookies all year long, same goes for dog treats.