Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dog Birthday Cake Made In Foil Bone Shaped Pan

A dog birthday cake is an easy order from the folks at Black Pearl Bakery, an online Etsy shop. 

They simply used one of K9Cakery's reusable foil bone shaped cake pans. Look how perfect this dog cake came out!

Dog Birthday Cake from Black Pearl Bakery
Piper and Frank are two lucky dogs! 

The birthday cake for dogs can be easily packaged in the aluminum pan that comes with its own matching lid. Makes it easy to ship or wrap. And then, the recipient gets a second dog gift as well! The foil cake pan can be reused to make more dog birthday cakes!

These bone shaped pans are on sale at a very, very low price, which, we might add, makes for a third gift included! 

See the pans and more dog bakery supplies at

dog bone cake pan
Dog bone cake pan

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mini Dog Cupcakes

An entire video showing how to make mini dog cupcakes was featured in the post from 9/17/12. So today I thought I would show you an example of the finished products and what they could look like. Keep in mind that these cupcakes are for dogs! They are so beautiful you want to eat them yourself.

mini dog cupcakes, decorated dog treats
Mini dog cupcakes made by the Munchie Munch Shoppe
using Fido's Frosting

These cupcakes for dogs were made by the Munchie Munch Shoppe gourmet pet bakery. Fido's Frosting, which is an all natural yogurt dog treat frosting, was used for the topping and was piped in a swirling fashion. This baker chose to keep the frosting its natural color, and the cupcakes are mouth-watering. The little white bone shaped sprinkles complete the presentation and make a statement that these are dog treats!

Fido's Frosting will dry hard and will not melt. It does not require refrigeration. So this pet bakery can ship their decorated dog treats anywhere, even to a hot desert, without worry that all that work will be destroyed through melting.

The frosting comes in various flavors including peanut butter and chocolatey carob. You can add different flavorings to it as well.

You can find more decorated dog treats at K9Cakery on Facebook. Our friends love to show off their beautiful creations. And if you would like to find a dog bakery in your neighborhood, you can do that too. Just ask!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Make Dog Cupcakes For A Dog Party

Dog cupcakes are all the rage, especially with the popularity of their human counterparts.

Benefits of making cupcakes for dogs include that you are making smaller dog treats to help resist your temptation to give your dog more than he should really have. Of course he will keep asking for another piece, and please just one more bite...but do not listen!

Mini cupcakes are perfect fare for any dog party. Each dog gets his own individual treat, and the display of the finished treats is just right for a party atmosphere.

The quickest and easiest way to make mini cupcakes is with the All Natural Cake Kit for Dogs manufactured by Watch as Frosting Fran goes through the entire process of opening the box and making the cakes. 

A package of dog cake mix and dog treat frosting is included. It is so easy, the kids can do it. This cake kit also makes the perfect gift for dog lovers.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Quick and easy recipe for Cannoli dog treats

This super simple homemade dog treats recipe will make you look like you have been born to bake! 

Homemade cannoli dog treats
Cannoli dog treats

Just fill with dog treat icing and decorate as you desire.

Just watch the video as The Frosting Guy from demonstrates how to make cannoli dog treats. No one will know how little effort it really is....unless you show them too!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Reusable Creative Packaging For Dog Treats!

Our friends at the dog bakery Haute Dawg Treats in Belmont, NC show off this innovative dog treat packaging idea: put them in the K9Cakery aluminum bone shaped cake pan that comes with a matching lid!

Krazy Kritter Kookies in Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia bakes their cakes and ships them out in this bone shaped cake pan. Just put on the lid and voila! Instant packaging for dog treats.

This aluminum bone shaped dog cake pan can be used several times and is a perfect way to present baked dog treats as dog gifts or homemade dog treats as gifts for pet owners. Plus, the recipient can reuse the cake pan and make their own dog cakes! It's a two for one gift pack.

Click for more about the aluminum dog bone cake pan. It is so practical, it is worth buying a whole case. Christmas is coming...

Monday, September 10, 2012

Starting a dog bakery business from home - question

Q: I am planning to start a dog bakery business out of my apartment. What do you recommend I buy to get going and to get my name out there? Where can I find recipes?

A: Basic supplies to start baking dog treats would be the following:
1) K9 Katie's peanut butter dog biscuit mix
2) Fido's Royal Icing for Dogs to decorate your biscuits
3) The food color powdered coloring pack to color the dog treat icing
4) K9Cakery's set of 6 dog bone shaped cookie cutters which will allow you to cut out various sizes of treats
5) For dog cakes, K9 Katie has a peanut butter cake mix or you can choose from a variety of other pre-made mixes if you want the quick and easy way where you do not have to worry about what to add to bake from scratch!
6) Fido's Frosting yogurt dog treat frosting to frost the cakes
7) The mini paw shaped silicone cake pan makes the popular paw shaped treats - use it for either cakes or biscuits!
Mini paw silicone baking pan
Make mini paw shaped dog treats 

For recipes, start with the following:
2) http://www.
3) Join our group on Facebook: Homemade Dog Treats and ask our members for suggestions!

Good luck!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Gluten Free Dog Treats

Does your dog need to eat gluten free dog treats?

First of all, what exactly is gluten? Gluten is a protein found in grains such as wheat, barley and rye. 

Humans who suffer from an intestinal illness called celiac disease cannot tolerate gluten which causes inflammation in the small intestines of these sufferers.

Irish Setters are one dog breed prone to celiac disease.

Some dogs are grain sensitive. Dogs were originally carnivores, but due to the economics of making dog food, grains were introduced to keep the costs down and many low cost dog food is primarily made from grains. 

Grain allergies are common in dogs. If your dog is scratching a lot, have him evaluated first by your vet before you diagnose him yourself! There are many reasons why a dog could be scratching.

If your dog does require a gluten free diet and has grain allergies, instead of trying to figure out what is and is not healthy for him, you can use this dog cake mix from

gluten free dog treats

Eggs, fresh fish, meat and chicken, cheese, fruits and vegetables are all gluten-free. 

Gluten-free flours include rice flour, potato flour, corn flour, soy flour, and a myriad of flours from lesser-known grains.

Click this link for more information on hypoallergenic dog treats.