Friday, December 14, 2012

Dog Christmas Cookies Decorated With Royal Icing

Don't forget the pooches at Christmas! 

Take a look at these beautiful dog Christmas cookies decorated with royal icing made by Lazy Bones Pet Treats, a dog bakery based in Kansas City, Missouri. Fido's Frosting Royal Icing for Dogs takes color well and creates vibrant Christmas dog treats! 

dog Christmas cookies
Christmas dog treats made by
Lazy Bones Pet Treats

Colored sesame seeds complete the all natural decoration. Buy the colored sesame seeds or with a little bit of effort, color them yourself. Use then just as you would sprinkles or jimmies on other treats for dogs to keep the sugar content at a minimum. 

Christmas dog treats
More Christmas treats for dogs from
Lazy Bone Pet Treats

Fido's Frosting royal icing is perfect for flooding an area with color as seen in the stars and the bell above. Or just drizzle green and red dog treat icing for an interesting "painted" effect, as seen in the image below.

Christmas treats for dogs
Dog Christmas cookies with drizzled dog treat
icing from Lazy Bones Pet Treats

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  1. Those look so yummy my dog loves Lazy Bones Dog treats from his Aunt Anna

  2. I buy these for my grand dogs and they LOVE them. They are all natural, which I love.