Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bad Breath Biscuits For Dogs Who Eat Poop

Bad breath biscuits for dogs can help your four-legged friend give more enjoyable kisses.

Dogs are not the most discriminating eaters. Unlike humans, who may choose not to order a hamburger with the onions or forego the garlic sauce when in close proximity to others, dogs do not care who they might offend with their breath.

charcoal dog biscuits
Bad breath biscuits for dogs from The Black Pearl Bakery
You may have seen your dog or another one eat a pile of waste. Why do dogs eat poop? There could be various reasons why. One reason is just that he wants to. Nothing more complicated than that. Some dogs eat the poop from a more dominant dog.  Then, there are other behavioral reasons that could explain it. 

An unpleasant result of eating such an awful snack could be an upset stomach, or flatulence. 

Whatever the reason, the end result is BAD BREATH! Unfortunately, if you give your dog mouthwash, he is more likely to drink it than gargle. A better solution is to give him charcoal dog biscuits to calm his stomach. 

Activated charcoal helps to absorb bacteria from a dog's stomach and control the flatulence and upset. It is sold as a dog food product referred to as charcoal biscuits. The charcoal comes from coconut shells, wood, bamboo and olive pits. 

Make your own homemade dog treats using powdered activated charcoal. 

activated charcoal powder form
Powdered activated charcoal

Just add several tablespoons of culinary grade activated charcoal to a dog biscuit recipe. Roll out the dough and wash it with water before placing into the oven to bake the charcoal biscuits.

Note: Activated charcoal, or activated carbon, is processed in a special way and is NOT the same as the charcoal found in charcoal briquettes used for barbecues.

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  1. great pups love Black Pearl Bakery....and can't wait to get some breath adjustments....they sampled 4 this morning and loved them.....

  2. Silly question, but what does "wash it with water before baking" mean?

  3. I have a recipe that doesn't mention washing the dough. Why do you need to wash the dough?

  4. With my recipe, I do not wash the dough. I'm not sure why it would say that...maybe to get the excess charcoal off? It does kind of fly around everywhere...very messy!

  5. The Black Pearl Bakery is located in Dyer, Indiana. I do believe they ship! Their dog treats are healthy and they are always coming up with innovative treat ideas. Check them out at FF