Saturday, October 13, 2012

Difference between dog treat icing and dog treat frosting

Q: Is there a difference between dog treat icing and dog treat frosting?
A: Actually, there is.

As one dog lover explained: "Frosting is the fluffy stuff on a cupcake and icing is the sweet, hard stuff on a cookie."

K9Cakery has a slightly different twist to this specifically for dogs. Fido's Frosting is used to frost a dog cake and Fido's Frosting brand Royal Icing for Dogs is used  to dip, glaze, drizzle and decorate dog treats and dog biscuits. All Fido's Frosting brand icings dry hard and do not need refrigeration. The dog treat icing dries shiny and makes an interesting finish.

The Frosting Guy shows the difference between dog treat icing 
and dog treat frosting in this Youtube video

Many bakers choose to make their own icings and frostings. But those who have tried the Fido's Frostings enjoy the ease which it offers. Just add water and stir. 

They are sugar free and only made with human grade ingredients. People will not necessary like the taste because there is no sugar, and humans love sugary desserts! But there are some who do not mind. When dogs smell it, they can't wait to try it. 

K9Cakery will look for a vendor in your geographical location who carries it if you so desire because sometimes the shipping charges can be high, both in the US and  internationally. As more and more dog bakeries try Fido's Frosting, they appreciate its merits and distribution is growing.

These dog treat icings come in various flavors and there is a cream cheese frosting for dogs as well.

Just remember that life is short, especially for our pets. Let them eat more dog treat frosting.

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