Saturday, October 20, 2012

Show Off Your Dog Business With A Large Dog Cake

Looking for a unique way to show off your dog business? Hold a grand opening, an open house, or celebrate your dog business' anniversary or birthday and serve a beautifully decorated large dog cake like this one from the Coastal K-9 Bakery in Wilmington, NC.

This cake was decorated with Fido's Frosting dog treat icing. "Fido's Frosting is great to work with. I LOVE it. See how pretty it looks. "

dog birthday cake with dog treat icing
Dog birthday cake from Coastal K-9 Bakery
 decorated with Fido's Frosting

A large dog cake is the perfect compliment for a grand opening of a dog business where dogs are invited, for a graduation party from obedience class (where of course everyone will be sitting and waiting to eat their cake when told to), or for a birthday party with a lot of doggie guests. 

silicone bone shaped cake pan
10" x 13" Bone shaped cake pan from

This silicone cake pan makes baking easy and grease free. All the greasing that is necessary for a metal pan is not needed, which not only cuts down on effort, but can save some calories as well. 

Dog lovers even make ice sculptures in the shape of a bone to decorate their grand opening celebrations, which is a novel idea. Make a cake for the human guests as well. It will be "different", and your event will be talked about. 

As Marie Antoinette almost said, "Let them eat dog cake."

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