Monday, July 29, 2013

Dog Bone Cake Pan

Need a dog cake?

Bake your own using a dog bone cake pan. 

The main difference between cakes for dogs and cakes for humans is the ingredients. Dogs don't mind if the cake is not sweet! If you want to make your baking quick and easy, consider trying K9Katie's all natural peanut butter cake mix. Takes the guesswork and research away because everything you need is right in the mix.

This image shows off a beautiful peanut butter and pumpkin dog cake using the bone-shaped pan from K9Cakery.

Thank you to our friends at the Cheeky Dog Bakery in Dublin, Ireland for sharing it!

Peanut butter cake for dogs
Peanut Butter Cake for Dogs

Make a note at how beautiful the cake looks displayed on a simple pink mat. You don't need to spend a lot of money, time or effort. Simplicity works well to showcase your dog treat products. You want to show off the product, not the display materials!

Click this link to find the dog bone cake pan and dog cake mixes.

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