Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mini Dog Cupcakes

An entire video showing how to make mini dog cupcakes was featured in the post from 9/17/12. So today I thought I would show you an example of the finished products and what they could look like. Keep in mind that these cupcakes are for dogs! They are so beautiful you want to eat them yourself.

mini dog cupcakes, decorated dog treats
Mini dog cupcakes made by the Munchie Munch Shoppe
using Fido's Frosting

These cupcakes for dogs were made by the Munchie Munch Shoppe gourmet pet bakery. Fido's Frosting, which is an all natural yogurt dog treat frosting, was used for the topping and was piped in a swirling fashion. This baker chose to keep the frosting its natural color, and the cupcakes are mouth-watering. The little white bone shaped sprinkles complete the presentation and make a statement that these are dog treats!

Fido's Frosting will dry hard and will not melt. It does not require refrigeration. So this pet bakery can ship their decorated dog treats anywhere, even to a hot desert, without worry that all that work will be destroyed through melting.

The frosting comes in various flavors including peanut butter and chocolatey carob. You can add different flavorings to it as well.

You can find more decorated dog treats at K9Cakery on Facebook. Our friends love to show off their beautiful creations. And if you would like to find a dog bakery in your neighborhood, you can do that too. Just ask!

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