Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dog Birthday Cake Made In Foil Bone Shaped Pan

A dog birthday cake is an easy order from the folks at Black Pearl Bakery, an online Etsy shop. 

They simply used one of K9Cakery's reusable foil bone shaped cake pans. Look how perfect this dog cake came out!

Dog Birthday Cake from Black Pearl Bakery
Piper and Frank are two lucky dogs! 

The birthday cake for dogs can be easily packaged in the aluminum pan that comes with its own matching lid. Makes it easy to ship or wrap. And then, the recipient gets a second dog gift as well! The foil cake pan can be reused to make more dog birthday cakes!

These bone shaped pans are on sale at a very, very low price, which, we might add, makes for a third gift included! 

See the pans and more dog bakery supplies at

dog bone cake pan
Dog bone cake pan

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