Monday, September 10, 2012

Starting a dog bakery business from home - question

Q: I am planning to start a dog bakery business out of my apartment. What do you recommend I buy to get going and to get my name out there? Where can I find recipes?

A: Basic supplies to start baking dog treats would be the following:
1) K9 Katie's peanut butter dog biscuit mix
2) Fido's Royal Icing for Dogs to decorate your biscuits
3) The food color powdered coloring pack to color the dog treat icing
4) K9Cakery's set of 6 dog bone shaped cookie cutters which will allow you to cut out various sizes of treats
5) For dog cakes, K9 Katie has a peanut butter cake mix or you can choose from a variety of other pre-made mixes if you want the quick and easy way where you do not have to worry about what to add to bake from scratch!
6) Fido's Frosting yogurt dog treat frosting to frost the cakes
7) The mini paw shaped silicone cake pan makes the popular paw shaped treats - use it for either cakes or biscuits!
Mini paw silicone baking pan
Make mini paw shaped dog treats 

For recipes, start with the following:
2) http://www.
3) Join our group on Facebook: Homemade Dog Treats and ask our members for suggestions!

Good luck!

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