Sunday, December 16, 2012

Fund Raising Ideas for Dog Rescue Groups

Are you looking for new fund raising ideas for dog rescue groups? Have you thought about making homemade dog treats and selling them for donations?

Not only are dog treats easy to make, but the entire process is fun. Kids especially love to be involved with dog crafts like this. They enjoy decorating the treats and they know they are helping out with a worthy cause.

fund raising ideas for dog rescue groups
Alaska Dog and Puppy Rescue -
Fund Raising Ideas

These beautiful dog treats are made for the Alaska Dog and Puppy Rescue. All you need is a good recipe for a dough that has dog-safe ingredients, and some dog-themed cookie cutters. Or, use one of the new silicone baking molds for less effort. Just press the biscuit dough into the wells and bake! No need to cut out shapes because the molds will turn out biscuits with fine detail.

All natural Fido's Frosting brand yogurt Royal Icing for Dogs was used to finish these. It takes color well as you can see. Edible glitter and dog bone sprinkles complemented these treats as well.

Sell an assorted plate of various shapes or pack up dog treat bags and tie them with a colorful dog themed ribbon for a beautiful display. You can make up labels with your dog rescue group's name and contact information and stick these onto the treat bags. 

Dog lovers will not hesitate to buy the treats to help with the rescue efforts, especially when they look as enticing as these. They know that they are contributing to an important undertaking. Advertise the treats as being "handmade with love". Use all natural ingredients and you can even correctly state that they are healthier than Girl Scout cookies! How could pet lovers refuse?

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