Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Unique Christmas Gifts For Dogs

Have you been looking for unique Christmas gifts for dogs? Perhaps something different than a leash, a collar, a dog bowl, or squeaky toy? 

One of the most original dog gifts we came across is a gorgeous handmade dog-safe edible Christmas tree made from stacked dog cookies, by the dog bakery, Treats By The Pawful, based in Minooka, Illinois.

Christmas gifts for dogs
Christmas Cookie Tree For Dogs
handmade by Treats By The Pawful

This dog cookie tree is truly a one-of-a-kind gift. Each star-shaped dog cookie is individually crafted to get just the right size to create the shape of a Christmas tree standing tall. Fido's Frosting brand Royal Icing for Dogs is used to cover the arms of the stars to create the effect of snow on the tree branches. Colored sesame seeds are sprinkled onto the icing to look like tree decorations. Each star is then stacked and "glued" with the icing. The final product is all natural and edible!

Dog lovers enjoy receiving gifts for their pets. Their pets are very special to them. A handmade gift like this to remember the dog at Christmas time is a very special and thoughtful one as well as being absolutely original.

Wouldn't this cookie tree make a beautiful table centerpiece? It would certainly be a topic of conversation because many people do not realize that there are actual bakeries that make cookies and cakes just for dogs using dog-safe ingredients. 

The yogurt dog treat icing is sugar free so even though it looks enticing, the human palate would not enjoy it. So, no need to worry that anyone would eat the dog's present.

Just be sure to video the dog enjoying his gift for a wonderful Christmas memory.  

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