Saturday, February 16, 2013

Homemade Dog Treats For Dog Rescue

House of Love ARF. Isn't that a wonderful name for a dog rescue group? Founded in 2012, this organization helps to rehabilitate abused dogs and cats and retrain them if necessary for a better home situation than they came from.

To help accomplish her mission, founder Ruth Bednar sells homemade dog treats for a fundraising idea. We are glad to have her as a member in our Facebook group, Homemade Dog Treats.

Some of the treats made by the House of Love, ARF:

homemade dog treats for dog rescue
Homemade dog treats for dog rescue

The all natural dog treats in the photo include:

  • Sweet potato chews
  • Peanut butter hearts
  • Peanut butter banana parsley hard dog biscuits
  • Peanut butter banana soft dog treats
What does ARF stand for? You will have to visit the rescue through the link above to find out!

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