Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentines Cupcakes For Dogs

Get ready for Valentine's Day doggie style and make Valentines cupcakes for dogs!

Use this easy dog treat recipe to make red velvet cupcakes to celebrate Valentine's Day with your fur-baby!

Watch The Frosting Guy make these all natural dog treats step-by-step. The natural ingredient annato is used to create the red color in the cupcakes.

To finish off the Valentine cake, frost with Fido's Frosting. The dog cupcakes will look just like the red velvet cakes on sale at the grocery store...except they will be healthier because there is no added sugar or fat! Don't dogs live well these days!

The entire recipe including ingredients and written directions can be found at this link for Valentine treats at the website While you are there, check out the other dog cake recipes!

If you would like to see more videos, TheFrostingGuy channel on YouTube offers videos with easy step-by-step instructions on how to make and decorate dog treats.

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