Saturday, January 19, 2013

Simple Valentine Cookies For Dogs

You love your dog! Your dog loves you! What better Valentine can you have....

Share your love with Valentine cookies for dogs. All you need is a heart shaped cookie cutter and a basic, easy dog treat recipe. These are peanut butter dog treats baked and decorated by Cathy Mags.

Valentine cookies for dgs
Valentine cookies for dogs by Cathy Mags

Add your own ingredients for different flavors. You can find various recipes on this blog. Feel free to leave a comment about any recipes you are looking for and we will post them! 

When all finished, wrap the dog cookies in clear cellophane so that they are easy to see. Treats this beautiful will make a gorgeous package just by themselves. 

Tie it up with a dog-themed ribbon, such as one with paw prints or bones stamped on, and you will have a cute little Valentine treat package. If you do not have dog-themed ribbon, red, pink, purple, or any combination of those colors suggests Valentine's Day.

If you have young children, this would be the perfect little appreciation gift for them to give to the family dog.

If you have clients who are dog lovers, do the same for them. Dog lovers always appreciate it when someone remembers the dog.

Fido's Frosting Royal Icing for Dogs is used to decorate these Valentine dog treats. It is an all natural yogurt icing that is sugar free, dries hard and shiny, and needs no refrigeration.

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