Monday, November 12, 2012

Dog Treat Business Ideas For Finding Customers

Looking for new dog treat business ideas of where to sell your treats for dogs? Best place for small dog bakeries to start is in your own neighborhood.

More and more small businesses that cater to dog owners are coming onto the scene. There are two main factors for this: the pet business has proven itself to be recession proof, and over half of U.S. families own dogs. 

cupcakes for dogs with dog treat icing
Dog cupcakes decorated with
Fido's Frosting
As a small dog treat baker, you have a product that these businesses don't have time to make: homemade dog treats! Fresh treats always smell delicious. 

Some examples of local dog businesses to partner with include:

  • Dog groomers
  • Dog trainers
  • Pet hotels and spas
  • Dog daycare facilities
  • Boarding facilities
  • Veterinarians
  • Pet stores
  • Dog rescue organizations 
  • Petsitters
What to do:
  • Make up a batch of your most amazing dog treats and arrange them as a gorgeous display on a tray, plate, box, etc. You are going to show these off!
  • Place more treats in a box or bag tied up with a nice ribbon - make sure you have a label with your contact information on it. You are going to leave these as a gift.
  • Make a list of all the dog businesses close by that you can visit. You want to concentrate on those that you can easily access. Walk down down the busiest street in town and you will probably come across quite a few.
  • Find out when the owner or someone in charge will be available. You can happen to be walking by with your treats (when customers are present so they can see your treats too!)
  • You want to build a relationship with the business. Think of how their business would be a more amazing place if they featured your treats. How can they show off their services better than their competitors? For example, a retail store, a daycare or boarding facility, a vet - could feature you and your fresh treats. Ask if you can set up a table. Offer to advertise your presence while advertising their business to help bring in traffic.  
  • Find pet sitters and groomers who want to offer treats as a thank you gift. Offer to make up treats in nice packages. You would then put your business name along with theirs on the package. 
  • Offer to bake a dog birthday cake for loyal customers. (The business would pay you for the cake of course.)
For this type of marketing, you want to find small businesses that make their own decisions. As a small business, you can be creative with your efforts and try new ideas. Corporations do not have this flexibility. 

The idea is to help these small businesses stand out in the minds of their customers. Help them to offer a service that the big stores cannot. This is your mission, should you decide to accept it!

For more ideas for small business marketing for your pet business, join us in the Facebook group Homemade Dog Treats.

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